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Notebook Privacy Filters - Stop Prying Eyes from Snooping

Make it more difficult for people around you to see what you're doing on your computer.

If you are in a bus, train or an airplane, you never know who might be sitting next to you. You would need a computer filter to shield sensitive information on your screen from prying eyes.

Laptop Privacy Filters narrow the viewing areas of the LCD monitor screens so the screen data is visible only to people seated directly in front of the monitor - anyone passing by or sitting near will see a dark black screen.

Privacy filters will not blur or distort image. Just slip the laptop privacy filter sheet in the front of your laptop screen. The filter can be left in place even when the notebook is closed.

The Anti-glare coating in Laptop filters also act as screen glare filters reducing reflections and glare, both of which are common causes of eyestrain and headache.

Computer privacy filters also protect the fragile LCD screen from accidental damage, scratches, abrasions, dust and fingerprints.