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Microsoft to fix IE bug with Windows XP SP3 in 2007.

The Microsoft Security Patch Team at Redmond are having a very busy Valentine Week.

First, Microsoft is downplaying the drag-and-drop flaw in IE 5.01, 5.5, and 6.0 and will not patch the bug, but instead will wait to fix it until it releases Windows XP SP3 in late 2007. more..

Second, a problem in Windows Media Player's parsing of .bmp image files can give an attacker complete control of a user PC. Security experts feel that it's just a matter of days before someone comes up with an exploit to spread spyware. more...

Third, Microsoft has reported a problem with patch number MS06-007 that requires some users to take additional steps to ensure it installs properly. more...

Fourth, Microsoft has released a new fix for WMF flaw.

Update: Researchers have already published two exploits targeting the Windows Media Player bug. The onus is on Microsoft now. more..