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Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 12 iconsMicrosoft Office 2007 is the official successor to Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft was earlier referring the next killer edition of Microsoft Office as Microsoft Office 12 and Microsoft Office Vista.

When Office moved from Office XP to Office 2003, Microsoft customers weren't sure which one was newest. Therefore, Microsoft decided on the name "Office 2007" to avoid confusion.

Microsoft earlier planned to release Office 2007 towards the end of 2006 but some reports say that Microsoft Office 2007 is already behind schedule.

Microsoft also announced pricing and packaging details of Office 2007. Microsoft Frontpage is being phased out and not included in Microsoft Office 2007 suite.

Microsoft Office 2007 Pricing
Microsoft is largely keeping prices the same as Office 2003, making minor changes to the suites it will offer.

For individuals, Microsoft Office Professional 2007 features the typical array of Office applications: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access, and Publisher for $499 USD, or $329 USD when purchased as an upgrade. Office Small Business 2007 offers a similar lineup without Microsoft Access for $449 and $279 USD.

Office Standard 2007 will include the four basic applications as before: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for $399 and $239 USD.

Microsoft is replacing Office Student and Teacher edition with a $149 Home and Student edition that can be used by all home users. Microsoft is also removing the Outlook from that edition and include OneNote instead.

Microsoft Office 2007 Packaging Details
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 with SharePoint and Microsoft Office Communicator will replace Professional Enterprise Edition 2003. A new addition to the Office 2007 suite lineup is Office Enterprise 2007, which adds Groove 2007 and OneNote 2007.

The Beta 1 'Refresh' of Microsoft Office 2007 will be available for download in March.

Microsoft Office 2007 Screenshots

Download Microsoft Office 2007 - Office 2007 Packaging Details

Download Microsoft Office 2007 - Office 2007 Pricing Details