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Lights, Camera, Mac-action for Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a master of surprise, is set to announce new products today.

Though Apple product announcement details remain shrouded in secrecy, the rumors center around movies. CNN Money writes on how Apple might go Hollywood today.

A widescreen iBook. It's been a while since Apple refreshed its consumer laptop line, so new iBooks are overdue -- especially if they have Intel inside.

iTunes Movie Store - Since Apple already sells music videos and primetime TV shows, selling movies just means giving users bigger files.

An Intel Mac mini. Now that shortages of Intel chips have eased, Apple could be set to roll out an Intel-based Mac mini. Since the Mac mini doesn't come with its own screen, it could just as easily plug into a widescreen TV.

A true video iPod - Apple recently patented a touchscreen interface for a handheld device, which would let it make a video iPod whose screen covers the entire front side of the device, and displays a virtual click-wheel to control it.

ThinkSecret is saying that Apple will also announce iPod Hi-Fi boombox, an iPod accessory by Apple.