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Hyperwords create Intelligent Interactive Text in Firefox

Hyperwords is a Firefox and Flock add-on that turns every word into a hyperlink. When you double-click any word, Hyperwords pops up a menu of related items: searches, definitions, maps, shopping and more. (see screenshot)

If you want to select a two-word phrase, like a name, double-click between them to search for that string. When the menu pops up, click the menu item that interests you to get more information.

Hyperwords can search sites like, Flickr, Slashdot, Yahoo Maps, and more. Additional functions include blog posting (Blogger, WordPress), tagging (, Furl), blog searching with Technorati and translation.

The language translation capability comes from; search options include Google, Yahoo, Alexa and Clusty; the Reference links takes you to Wikipedia,, IMBd (Internet Movie Database), and so on.

A Hyperwords extension for Internet Explorer is also planned soon.

Download Hyperwords Firefox Extension

Source: HyperWords | PCWorld | InternetNews