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Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra

A specialty sports bra for female joggers.

The NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra has tiny electrodes woven into its fabric that can detect heart rate and display the result on a digital wrist watch.

The electrode sensors are knitted into a few inches of fabric in the band. These sensors pick up the heart's electrical signal, which is sent to the transmitter snapped into the band.

The $75 Numetrex sports bra and transmitter works similarly to those plastic strap-on heart monitors, but the benefit of the bra is comfort — no plastic touches your skin, it feels like any other sports bra, and you don't have to worry about the transmitter shifting, chafing or loosening.

The transmitter, about the size of a matchbook and hidden in the bra's seam, communicates with a watch or the display on a treadmill. It connects with most fitness machines like spinning bikes and elliptical trainers with integrated monitoring devices.

Numetrex Sports Bra | Source : AP