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Google Desktop 3 offers Remote PC Search

Do you want to hunt for data stored on your home PC from your office computer, or vice versa ? Google Desktop Search 3 allows you to do just that - search any computer remotely.

Google Desktop 3 lets you search multiple computers from one desktop, provided that Google Desktop 3 is installed on all the PCs. To do this, indexes are transferred using SSL encryption to Google's servers, then on to your other machines for "remote" searching.

Google Desktop Search Across Computers makes the following file formats searchable from other remote computers:

* Web history (from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Mozilla)
* Microsoft Word documents
* Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
* Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
* PDF files and Text files in My Documents

You must authorize Google to store index information for up to 30 days on Google servers. While the indexing data is automatically deleted by Google from its servers within 30 days, you can use the Clear my Files from Google button to manually remove all your files from Google Desktop servers.

In addition to remote desktop search, Google Desktop 3 offers enhanced search capabilities, integration with Google Talk, and a more flexible sidebar.

Google Desktop software will work only with Windows XP or Windows 2000 Service Pack 3.

Google desktop search tool is also part of the Google Pack and reportedly one of the pieces that Dell is considering shipping with all of the new computers it sells during the next three years.