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Enable Autorun in USB Flash Pen Drives

Autorun any EXE, PDF, PowerPoint Presentation, Music Playlist, Flash Animation, HTML file when a USB Flash Memory device is inserted

Ask Digital Inspiration: I have a USB Thumb Drive and I want a particular program to run after i plug it into the computer. Just like a CD Autoruns. How can I do this ?

Microsoft Windows does not allow you to autorun USB drives when they are inserted. The Windows Autorun capabilities are restricted to CD-ROM drives and fixed disk drives.

If you need to make a USB Pen storage device perform Autorun, the device must not be marked as a removable media device and the device must contain an Autorun.inf file and a startup application.

It is a too complicated process to add autorun functionality to your USB drive. Fortunately, there are some free software that trigger Autorun on your USB storage device.

APO Usb Autorun 1.5
APO USB Autorun automatically searches for the standard autorun.inf (as used with CDs) and executes it.

In addition to the autorun functionality, the program also allows you to quickly access the files on the USB drive(s) from the tray icon menu.

AutoRun USB 1.0
AutoRun USB will automatically launch the application or document of your choice on your USB Flash Drive.

The latest AutoRun USB (v3.0) is shareware but you can Download AutoRun USB 1.0 for free.