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Clothing with embedded Multimedia games

Our clothes tell secrets

Edoc Laundry has incorporated an episodic, multimedia game into the fabric of its garments. Players find clues such as words and symbols embedded in the clothes.

The shirt on the left from Edoc Laundry has a hidden clue designed into the artwork. Once the hidden clue in the design of the artwork is revealed, users plug it into the Edoc Laundry Web site.

The idea is an extension of so-called alternate-reality games, or ARGs, in which people try to solve puzzles that are propagated online but require players to team up to find clues in the real world.

The embedded gaming high-concept garments are heavy on artistic and abstract images, sometimes with birds intertwined with human figures, or with guitars that seem to morph into trees.

Usually, the games are promotional vehicles for other products, including video games and movies.

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