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Blogging for Profit: Rome Was Not Built In One Day

Blogs make money. But it takes lot of effort and time to make real Money From Blogging. Read this Expert Advice to turn your blog into a digital cash cow..

Jason Calacanis on most effective monetization step for a blog network?

Create world-class content every day for a year. Folks get one to three months into blogging and they're like "I don't have an audience." Uhhh.... well, it's only been three months.

If you're going to make it in blogging today you have really be willing to invest a decent amount of time (or money).

Robin Good on How to Make Money with Your Blog Site

Don't bet all your money on one horse and think like a coffee shop where money is made with many small transactions across a good variety of (generally low-cost) related offerings.

Relying on one big source of income is always dangerous. If that resource disappears, so does your ability to survive.

Harold Davis, Author of Google Advertising Tools on How to Almost Live on Blogging

There are 10 million lonely bloggers and people probably only read a few thousand. If you're going to make serious money off this, it's a serious time commitment.

As for money, people who are really in the business of making a living off content pages say they average about $10 a page per year. You should have at least 100 pages of high-quality content in the can.

Mike Peed on How to Make Money off Your Blog

If you're toiling away to maintain a blog that people enjoy, why not ask your guests to show a little monetary appreciation?

Create your own blog-branded gear at Choose from standard fare such as T-shirts and coffee cups, or a sexy thong underwear.

Economist Guide on Golden blogs - trying to go commercial

Run member-only blog pages and charge advertisers to sponsor them. AlwaysOn will let only good, insightful bloggers post journal entries on its pages. This will draw "a higher demographic" of readers and thus better online responses to posts.

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