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Apple iPod making inroads in University Classrooms

Calvin Garbin, a technology-savvy psychology professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is experimenting with Apple iPod as an educational tool.

Garbin said technology (like iPod assisted teaching) enables him to teach about 30 percent more material a semester.

Garbin uses a wireless microphone hooked to his shirt to record the 50-minute lecture, then downloads the recording onto his computer. He cuts the lecture into short audio chunks and puts it on his Web site for downloading.

Students confused about certain parts of the lecture can click on a link and listen again. Psychology students don't have to sit at the computer to listen. Apple iPod allows students to take the lecture anywhere.

All the course's homework assignments are online. The professor also uses Powerpoint for the lectures, and students can print off the slides to follow along during class.

Garbin said he hopes to have video of his lectures on the Internet by the end of the semester.

Stanford University Faculty lectures are already available via the Apple iTunes Music store.

Source: Neb. Professor Uses IPod for Lectures