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Apple declares truce with OSx86

Yesterday, we wrote that Apple forced OSx86 Project website to close shutters for carrying information on how to run OSX on (non-Apple) Intel PCs.

The site was also the first to uncover Apple's hidden verse within OS X that asked hackers not to steal the operating system.

Today, the OS X fan website returned with a vengeance. They removed links that violated DMCA as per Apple. Those links have been removed and we're back.

The forum received lot of media coverage in the past two days and are certainly enjoying the soaring traffic levels.

The project founder remarks that OSx86 was not founded to be a "watercooler for hackers" as CNet posited.

Hackers came (as we knew they would) but as long as they accepted the rules, they were welcomed as well.

This site intends only to provide a forum for those interested in running OS X on Intel hardware.