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Adobe interface for any device with a screen

Adobe CEO speaks on Adobe Apollo, PDF threats, Macromedia acquisition and increasing competition from Microsoft. Bruce even clearly told KP that Macromedia Flash was the primary motivation behind the acquisition of Macromedia.

On Adobe Apollo - combining HTML, PDF and Flash
Imagine a ubiquitous client (Apollo) that allows you to do all three of those -- and then a series of programming tools, like [Adobe's] Flex, making it easy for anyone to develop applications for this ubiquitous client.

Microsoft moving quickly to counter Adobe moves
They are supposed to ship Windows Vista the end of this year. Avalon and Metro, or what's now the XML Paper specification - which has become the Windows Presentation Foundation -- is an intriguing concept. It's great that they have recognized what we have done and have tried to imitate it.

Adobe vision of the future
Adobe wants provide the interface for any device with a screen - "from a refrigerator to an automobile to a video game to a computer to a mobile phone."

On threats to PDF from Office Open XML and Open Document format
Because you have so many mission-critical workflows built around PDF -- everything from IRS tax forms to FDA drug regulatory submission documents to U.S. court electronic briefings -- and because Adobe has a 20-year history of not messing with the open specification process, I believe the community at large trusts the approach we have taken.

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