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United States Currency Tracking Project

Ever wonder what happened to that crumpled dollar bill which you left on the restaurant table or inserted into the NYC Subway turnstile ? Well there's a way to find out.

A Web site called The Great American Dollar Bill Locator helps people track their money as it moves around the world.

Users type in their ZIP codes and the serial numbers of any United States denomination up to $100. Then they write "" on the bills and go out and spend them, banking on the possibility that future owners will be curious enough to visit the site and update the bills' travel history.

Where's George ?

Defacing U.S. currency is a crime, but federal law defines "defacing" as altering a bill so much that it cannot be used.

Once a bill is registered, the site reports the time between sightings, the distance traveled and any comments from the finders. One Dollar Bill, Serial# K244 I Series: 1999 has travelled 4,191 Miles in 3 Yrs at an average of 3.8 Miles per day.

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