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Technorati 2006: Premium Services, Tracking Tools, PIM

Technorati will be adding new features in 2006 and Niall Kennedy is asking Technorati readers to take this 33-question Technorati survey.

The Technorati Questionnaire gives an interesting insight into the future offerings from Technorati which claims to tracking 25.4 million sites and 1.9 billion links.

Most of us think of Technorati as a blog search engine but Technorati has plans to offer content not just from Blogs but even from traditional media sources.

Q 29: ..interested in seeing content from mainstream media sources along side content from blogs and bloggers

Technorati services for a fee: Technorati could even move to a premium service model for offering features like advanced search and reporting tools. Technorati may also be developing a specialized tracking and analytics product for companies (IBM is already developing premium tools for tracking the blogosphere)

Q 31: If Technorati were to offer advanced member services, advanced search and reporting tools, or other advanced features, I would be willing to pay a nominal fee for these.

Q 32: If Technorati were to offer specialized tracking and analytics products to help me meet objectives at my place of business, my company would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for such products.

And finally, is Technorati building an online database like Amazon where users can write reviews about new products or movies ?

Q 30: ..things like contact information, reviews (for movies, for instance), and event calendars..

The future looks interesting.