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NYC Taxi Driver, Arab Women, Real Estate - Everyone is blogging

Woman blogs about driving a taxi in NYC [Newsday]
Welcome to the world of Melissa Plaut, a New York City taxi driver who chronicles her chaotic, adventurous job in a blog. With words and digital photographs, Plaut provides a glimpse into the mysterious life of the New York cabbie, from the locker room where she and other drivers wait to begin their shifts to the pit stops they make and the gridlock they endure. [New York Hack]

Blog if you love real estate []
Blogging has hit the real-estate industry...and it just may upend a marketplace known for inefficiency and restricted information. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of blogs covering real estate and they shine unfiltered lights on their subjects, reporting market gossip, innuendo, facts, opinion, virtually anything. Normally, in real estate, most of the information available comes from those representing the sale of properties, They have a different agenda than the consumer. [Gothamist | Curbed]

Blogging Saudi Arabia [Weekly Standard]
The first Saudi bloggers meet was announced and with it, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, land of Wahhabi Islam, with its commitment to financing jihad, its public beheadings, and its total subordination of women, passed a milestone. Men and women blogging together, of course, represents a total flouting of Saudi rules mandating sex segregation. And there can be no turning back. Saudi authorities cannot confiscate all the computers, Blackberrys, and cell phones in the kingdom. Nor can they forbid the use of the English language. [Saudi Blogs | Farah's Sowaleef]