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Monad - Microsoft Vista Shell Scripting Language

Microsoft is preparing to bring powerful Unix style shell scripting to Windows. Microsoft Windows Vista operating system will sport a new command line interactive shell called Monad.

Luckily, you don't need Windows Vista to start using Monad. Just Download and install Monad shell with the .Net Framework 2.0 from the Microsoft Download Center and start scripting. Monad is not quite a superset of the XP cmd shell. You can execute traditional commands as before, but the built-in commands all behave different.

Monad MSH shell will also add powerful text manipulation capabilities to Vista which were earlier only possible with sed or awk programs that are also ported to Windows. Tools like MKS Toolkit and Cygwin are popular among Unix Software Developers who are moving to Windows since they provide bash, ksh style scripting on Windows. Monad could target that market as well.

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