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MillionDollarHomepage eBay Auction ends in disappointment

Own The Last 1,000 Pixels on - The eBay Auction is now over but the closing minutes of the auction were a big disappointment atleast for Alex Tew - the creator of

Alex Tew was selling the last 1,000 pixels of MillionDollar Homepage in an eBay Auction. Yesterday, the highest bid amount for 1000 pixels was $160,000 but just minutes before the close of auction, all high amount bidders ($1,000,000+) either retracted their bids or were found to be fake.

Ebay user latentauthor who bid $153,000.00 retracted from the auction citing "Seller [Alex Tew] changed the description of the item".

Two other users - lost.river.trader and ast1155td retracted saying they entered the wrong amount while bidding. Both had entered $160,000,00+ in their pixel bids. A $25m and another $6 million bid were cancelled as they were found to be fake.

The MillionDollarPixel auction was won by greatdealsdepot for US $38,100.00. He made the bidding on 05-Jan-06 and the auction received no "real" bids since then.

The MillionDollarHomepage made more than a million dollars (999,000 + 38,100) It was your Final Chance to Own a Piece of Internet History!

Update: Alex will announce the winner on the Million Dollar Blog once he receives the full payment.