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Interesting News Roundup

Interesting, Amusing, Weird and Strange stuff from around the world.

BBC Stockpiling Web Addresses
BBC is building a huge stockpile of internet domain names not related to, its principal website address. This has raised the ire of British Internet Publishers Alliance, whose members include most of the UK's newspaper groups. As the story says, it is unclear how third-party registration of names such as or could have any negative impact on the BBC or its brand. [via]

Internet shopping reaches 10% of retail sales
The value of goods sold over the internet rose by 50% this Christmas compared with last year, figures out today show, in a sign of the growing power of the internet in the retail sector. [via]

Plasma screens suffer burn out problems
Apparently if you watch live coverage where the TV channel has its logo on the screen, a plasma monitor will fuse the logo onto that part of the screen forever. The TV channels say that punters should turn down the contrast on the screens.

U.S. managers communicate via e-mail
Majority of U.S. managers prefer to communicate by email. The decisions are just as stupid, but you can make whatever faces you like as you read them. [via]

The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart
Every year, thousands of executives venture to Bentonville, Arkansas, hoping to get their products onto the shelves of the world's biggest retailer. But Jim Wier wanted Wal-Mart to stop selling his Snapper mowers. "I could go to my grave, and my tombstone could say, 'Here lies the dumbest CEO ever to live. He chose not to sell to Wal-Mart.' "

A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice
Several wealthy 'cryonauts,' who freeze their bodies after death in the hope of someday being revived, are exploring ways to hold onto their wealth in the frosty hereafter -- in effect, leaving their money to themselves.