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Hall of Fame 2006 - Meet some interesting people

Fred Langa Gary Price of Search Engine Watch Darren Rowse David Sifry of Technorati Gina Trapani, Lifehacker Editor Betsy Weber Andy Hagans Alice Hill Aaron Wall Robert Scoble Kevin Lynch Marc Orchant Jason Calcanis John Battelle Rajesh Jain Philipp Lenssen Om MalikDigital Point Shawn Hogan Paul R Pival, The Distan LibrarianMolly Wood, CNet Buzz Report Kate Rusell, BBC Click Paul Thurrott Wendy Boswell, Editor Nick Wilson Kevin Rose, Dugg! Chris Pirillo Jon Udell, Screencasting Guru Joel Spolsky Nancy Blachman, Google Guide Tara Calishain, Google Hacks Author Robin Good Loren Baker Steve Rubel Steve Bass, PCWorld John WalkenBack, Microsoft Excel Expert Julie MeloniRobert Gale Duncan Riley

Nathan Weinberg is in Hall of Fame as well. His picture will soon be be added.