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Google Groups: Have you looked at these messages?

Many a times, users post new messages on Google Groups without searching for a similar post in the vast Group Archives.

Infact, there is good proability that a similar discussion already exists. Therefore, Google Groups has added a new feature recently that could prevent users from posting potential duplicate messages in Google Groups.

Now when you submit a new post to a Google Group, Google uses AJAX to suggest similar posts that are already available in the same Group Archive. Google displays the top 10 "similar posts" already available in that group and the results update real-time when you modify the Subject (Title) of your new post.

Google Groups Suggest Dissected
As the user types in the Subject field, the title is used as a keyword to search for Similar Messages in the same group where the user is typing in a new post. Google returns the top 10 search results in XML format which are displayed using CSS styles in the Message Suggest sidebar.