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Google Adsense Hack for Onsite Adwords Advertiser Sign-Up

Google Adsense Onsite Advertiser Sign-up makes it easy for Google Adwords advertisers to bid on your site.

But sometimes curious visitors, who are not potential advertisers but potential ad clickers, exit your website by clicking the Advertise on this site link.

The best way to prevent this situation is to remove the "Advertise on this site" link from Google Ads and place it in a different location on your website. Yes, this is very much possible in just 4 steps:

Step 1. Enable Onsite Advertiser Sign-up

Step 2. Create an impressive landing page where you sell your website to Adwords Advertisers. Get a nice logo and add a good site description.

Step 3. Now Disable Onsite Advertiser Sign-up by clearing the checkbox (see screenshot) - Google Ads will no longer show the Advertise on this site link.

Step 4. We are almost done. Create your custom Adwords Advertiser Invitation Link and place it anywhere in your blog or website.

Remember to replace ca-pub-xxx with your own Adsense ID and with your own website URL.

To see a live example, see the "About this site" section in the top left corner of this page. None of the Adsense units carry a "Advertise on this site" link but Adwords Advertisers can still bid for my website directly.