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Enhance Windows XP Cut, Copy, Paste function

Error Copying Files or FolderCut (Ctrl X), Copy (Ctrl C), Paste (Ctrl V) are probably the most frequently used commands in Microsoft Windows. But Microsoft has done little to improve the native Windows COPY function since they first introduced it with MSDOS.

Several times during a day, you copy/move files and folders from one drive to another or even to an external storage device like a USB drive. But if the copy process breaks somewhere in between, you have to resume the entire procedure from beginning.

To save you from all that trouble, I would recommend a few utilities installed for your Windows PC. None of these programs alter the existing windows-copy-function.

Total Copy - Right Click Windows shell extension
Total Copy allows you to pause, resume, and speed limit file copy and move function. If the computer is turned off during the copy process (ex. power-loss or system-crash), Total Copy let's you resume when you restart. If your hard drive runs out of diskspace or a network failure, TotalCopy pauses the copying process and will resume once the error is sorted out. Total Copy also speeds up the overall copy process.

Download TotalCopy | Developer Home Page

YCopy - We managed to copy all your data except for these files

Ycopy provides a simple interface to help copy large numbers of files from one disk or folder to another. During regular Windows Copy, if the command encounters a file which can't be copied, the copy process simply stops.

When Ycopy encounters files or folders that it cannot copy, it adds them to a printable report, and then continues copying the other files. When the copy process completes, YCopy shows you a report detailing the files which were not copied. Excellent time saver.

Download YCopy | Developer HomePage

Have you used these Command Line Utilities in Windows

Microsoft Windows COPY and MOVE functions can only copy (or move) one or more files from one location to another, not directories. If you want to copy multiple files and folders from console, Microsoft has two more utilities for you:

XCOPY - Copies files and directories, including subdirectories.

DiscCopy - Copies the contents of the floppy disk in the source drive to a formatted or unformatted floppy disk in the destination drive. Used without parameters, diskcopy uses the current drive for the source disk and the destination disk.