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Bon Ocho : Mozilla Firefox 2.0 alpha on Feb 10

The first alpha version of Mozilla Firefox 2 codenamed "Bon Ocho" will be released on February 10, 2006 while the final public release of Firefox 2.0 is expected in middle of this year.

Bon Ocho, the Firefox 2 code name is taken from a public park - Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada that translates to "good echo".

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 will have the following new features / improvements:
  • Provide an easy access to History and Bookmarks, enhancments to Live Bookmarks
  • Tabbed browsing UI improvements - Aim is to decrease the learning curve for new users and make the whole tabs approach more intuitive.
  • Improve the process of adding new RSS feeds
  • Extension Manager enhancements - option to blacklist firefox extensions
  • Search Engine UI improvements - make adding search keywords more easy. Simplify adding or deleting search engines.
There are plans for enhanced security, blacklisting and anti-phishing measures to be fitted to the new version. However, no details of what they might be have been released yet.

Update: According to BetaNews, Mozilla plans to release an early alpha version of Firefox 2.0 by February, with builds of Firefox, Camino and Thunderbird for Apple Macs running on Intel processors.

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