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Always Use Protection: Condom for Internet Explorer

The "Always use protection" Firefox ad, showing a condom wrapped with the Firefox logo, tried to associate Firefox with safe sex. And now, the developers of Registry Cleaner are trying a similar trick to protect IE - they have actually created a condom for Internet explorer.

This eCondom is a free utility that helps you to run Microsoft Internet Explorer in the safer user mode even if you are logged in under Administrator account. Generally, user accounts are prohibited by Administrator from installing new software or ActiveX control (IE Plugins) which are the prime entry routes for spyware, keylogger, rootkit or other malware. And if you still want to install a plugin - just run IE without the condom.

eCondom tries to block access to malicious web sites that use the latest, yet not fixed by Microsoft, vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer [ remember the WMF flaw ]

eCondom only complements and is certainly not a replacement for anti-spyware, anti-virus or personal firewall. Windows, Vista, is expected to address these issues through a Microsoft Internet Explorer Protected Mode. But until you can run Vista you can get a similar level of protection by using eCondom.

Download eCondom | Source AMUST eCondom