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Adobe LightRoom won't replace Adobe Bridge

At the Macworld Expo 2006, Adobe announced Adobe Lightroom [codenamed Shadowland] as an alternative to Apple Aperture.

Adobe Lightroom combines features and technologies from a number of the applications within the Creative Suite. The majority comes from Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in and the Adobe Bridge asset manager, though other parts have their heritage in the InDesign and GoLive layout packages.

Existing Adobe customers were concerned that Adobe might replace Adobe Bridge with Lightroom in future. However, Gunar Penikis, Adobe Bridge Product Manager, says that Adobe has no such plans.

According to Gunar, Adobe Lightroom is highly tailored for a pro photographer workflow while Adobe Bridge is designed to be the file management hub for the creative professional. Bridge is focussed on being at the center of the creative workflow - for print, web and video.