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Adobe Lightroom (Shadowland) to support RAW format

Adobe LightRoom will target Apple ApertureAdobe has secretly been working on an answer to Apple Aperture code named Shadowland. Yesterday, we showed screenshots of Adobe Lightroom available on Adobe Online store. The news is now very much confirmed that Adobe will announce a new "Apple Aperture" like software at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Some feel that Adobe Lightroom will be a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS2 Camera Raw plug-in and Adobe Bridge. Jennifer is pointing to a trademark application for Adobe LightRoom that describes Adobe Lightroom as a "Computer software for use in the field of digital photography and photography, namely, computer software for digital photography workflow and digital photo storage and management.."

Further, Scott Bourne, a Photoshop and Aperture expert, writes:
Shadowland (also known as LightRoom) will debut to at least the media and maybe a more public audience next week (Monday) at MacWorld .. LightRoom is supposed to be an Aperture workalike. It will not require as powerful a computer to run as Aperture does and it will have more built-in RAW support.

Photoshop News, who have a close association with Adobe, says:
This is one of those No-Win situations…
PhotoshopNews, being a blog about Photoshop kinda needs to address the question, but circumstances prohibit us from saying anything other than to mention the rumor without confirming nor denying it. On the other hand, inquiring minds might want to check PhotoshopNews early Monday morning, January 9th, 2006 to see if circumstances change.
Another rumour suggests that Adobe Lightroom a.k.a Shadowland was on the cards before Aperture was released and Aperture was rushed to completion to be first to market with this type of software. Apple Aperture is designed to help organize and manage photo workflow, while allowing for reversible image retouching and manipulation.