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Adobe Acrobat 3D - Publish interactive 3D PDF documents

Adobe Systems today announced Adobe Acrobat 3D for embedding interactive 3D models in PDF documents. Acrobat 3D has Copy Protection features that allow users to restrict copying of potentially valuable designs. The embedded 3D models can be interactively explored using the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional that already include support for 3D Annotations.

Who is Acrobat 3D for ?
Adobe Acrobat 3D is aimed at CAD professionals, such as construction engineers, designers and architects who regularly use blueprints and CAD software. Acrobat 7 does have an Autodesk plugin for creating a 2D image of a 3D model within the AutoCAD interface.

With Acrobat 3D, anyone can convert 3D models from a wide variety of major computer-aided design (CAD) formats and embed them into Adobe PDF files. Earlier this was only possible in Acrobat using a third-party plugin like Document3D.

Users can also enhance the interactivity of 3D objects in PDF documents by editing lighting, adding textures and materials, and creating animations such as assembly and disassembly instructions.

Adobe PDF vs Autodesk DWF
CAD professionals generally prefer DWF over PDF format since DWF supports interactive 3D graphics which were always missing in PDF. Autodesk DWF Composer is widely popular in the Autodesk (AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit Building, Autodesk Revit Structure, and Autodesk Architectural Desktop) user community for creating and sharing 3D drawings in DWF, DWG or DXF formats. Acrobat 3D, with 3D publishing capabilities, can think of grabbing some of Autodesk market share.

New Features in Adobe Acrobat 3D
Acrobat 3D includes all the features of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional and Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.0 software (for forms). The new 3D related features in Acrobat 3D include:
  • Insert 3D CAD designs into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and convert to Adobe PDF
  • Create rich interactive documents with 3D content: Add materials, create exploded views, edit lighting, and save as 3D object or 2D raster/vector image
  • Create PDF documents of 3D designs from major CAD applications
System Requirements, Download Software
Acrobat 3D will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, IBM AIX 5.2, HP/UX 11.0, SGI IRIX and Sun Solaris 2.8.

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