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Yahoo Adsense Chitika Advertising Preview Software

Yahoo Publisher Network YPN and Chitika eMiniMalls offer interesting Adsense alternatives. We are happy to a announce "Digital Inspiration All-in-One Preview" tool that will help you compare the relevance of Contextual Advertising services offered by Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and Chitika eMiniMalls.

The All-In-One Sandbox tool will assist website owners and bloggers in evaluation of the Google Adsense, Chitika eMiniMalls and Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Program to determine which Contextual Advertising service is more suited for their website or weblog.

Enter any keywords or a website address (URL), choose a geographic location (for Google), customize ad colors or choose from an existing color set and click "Udate Ads Display". You can try the Adsense, YPN or Chitika Services without signing up for any of these services.

compare-google-adsense-chitikaAdvantages of using this tool

1. Google provides a Official Adsense Preview Tool for Adsense Publishers but not Chitika eMiniMalls or Yahoo Publisher Network. Digital Inspiration All-in-One Preview offers a preview tool for YPN and Chitika publishers similar to Google Adsense Preview Tool.

2. The Official Google Adsense Preview Tool is supported only on IE. Our tool works across all browsers include IE and Firefox.

3. The All-In-Preview displays Google, Chitika and YPN ads side by side making the comparison a lot easier.

4. Google Adsense Preview Tool shows sample ads only for website address. The All-In-One Preview displays ads based on both keywords or Website address.

How to use the All-In-One Preview Tool

1. Download the IE addon and install the .reg file. The All-In-One Preview tools is now accessible from the IE contextual right-click menu (see screenshot). Select some keyword on a website, right click and choose "Preview Contextual Ads". Or just right click on a webpage without selecting any keyword if you want to preview the ads for the webpage.

2. In Firefox: Install GoogleAdsPreview Extension - The extension will add a Preview Google Ads menu both to the Firefox toolbar and the right click popup menu.

3. Directly visit the All-One-Preview Website

Use this tool and have fun. If you need help or found a bug or want to make a feature enhancement requests ? Just email me.