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Times Online Desktop Search with Toolbar

Times Online, UK have released Smart Search, a desktop search tool based on the Blinx search tool with an added channel featuring bespoke Times Online headlines. The Times Online Desktop Search constantly searches Times Online to find the most relevant news and articles.

Times Online Desktop SearchUsers can search multimedia file formats including Podcasts, Mp3, MPEGs and image files as well as Adobe files, Microsoft Office documents and attachments both online and locally. The Smart Folders technology automatically update add content based on the a range of popular topics including today's headlines, world news and sports coverage.

Blinkx has earlier released Blinkx 3.5 that provided one click access to Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia written entirely by volunteers. Blinkx is powered by Autonomy that employs advanced speech recognition and video analysis to automatically catalogue and index every spoken word in video footages.

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Times Online is the online edition of The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers in the UK and more popular than websites of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Observer