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Staples Easy Button - Relieve Stress

Easy ButtonStaples launched a Staples Easy Button "That was easy" television commercial series featuring a large red push button marked "easy". The Staples Easy Button commercials highlighted that even the Gift Experts need assistance when it comes to Holiday Shopping. In one of the Staples christmas commercial, Santa Claus is shown pushing a "easy button" to order digital cameras from the Staples store, rather than have his elves sprinkle fairy dust on a wooden camera to create megapixels. The Easy Button promotional campaign was an instant hit and Staple is now trying to cash the popularity.

People are hitting the Easy button after they complete a task or answer a question. When you press it, it says "That was easy." Staples is agressively marketing the easy button and asking customers to Press often to relieve stress. Proceeds from the sale of that item, up to $1 million, are donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Staples will be soon releasing an Easy Button software that can be downloaded on your computer. Customers will then be able to link directly to Staples' Web site and access (as well as purchase) products such as Internet security protect software, paper shredders, organizing supplies, locking file cabinets, safes and surge protectors. The downloadable button complements the retail chain's "Easy Button" desk accessory.

Download Staples Easy Button software for desktop:

For Windows XP (843KB)
For Macintosh OSX (607KB)

The Easy Button Launch commercials leverage the company's signature empathetic humor to depict a number of challenging tasks that appear to have no easy solution - a child in class who doesn't know the answer to his teacher's question; a cowboy wrangling a bucking horse; a father changing his twin infant's diapers; and a surgeon performing an unusual surgery. In every instance, all hope would be lost if not for the appearance of the "Easy Button." The spot closes with a voice over that says, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy button for life? Now there's one for your business. Staples. that was easy."

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Source: Easy Button Comes To Your Desktop, Christmas commercial