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Intellext Watson Desktop Search Sidebar

Watson is like a personal online assistant for your desktop that adds INTELLigence and contEXT to computer search.

Watson Desktop Search displays the search results in a sidebar on the desktop similar to the way the Google Sidebar does without making users interrupt their work to do a separate search. But that is the only similarity between Google Sidebar and Watson. Watson offers relevant information in real time rather than learning over time, as Google's Desktop Search and Sidebar Web Clips Panel seems to do.

Watson runs in the background on your computer and examines the context of the words on screen to deliver relevant results from multiple sources - the Web, online news sites, blogs, your own computer hard drive and computers connected to your company's network. Watson initiates a search whenever a user loads a document. It updates its results when a user has been working in those applications for a few minutes and when the document being edited has changed significantly.

Instead of entering key words or phrases into a search box, Watson Desktop Search Sidebar constantly look for information related to the PowerPoint presentation you're reviewing, the Word document or Excel Spreadsheet you're crafting or the Web site you're browsing with IE or Firefox. Watson even watches the Outlook e-mails that a person reads and writes and may offer relevant advice, unprompted. This is on ground-breaking feature that sets it apart from other desktop search software offered by Yahoo, Google, X1 or Copernic.

Watson uses no cookies, nor does it collect information about your search history, preferences and transmit them to any remote server. Watson will never initiate a search based on secure content on its own. Watson differs from personal search tools, such as Google Desktop Search, in that it does not build an index or record your behavior. Watson's algorithm reads only what you are immediately working on when it creates its search-engine queries of 10 to 15 words.

Watson is now available for free in an advertisement-sponsored version. It has a shopping tab that will display comparative pricing results from Amazon and eBay for different products. Users who want to avoid online advertisements and receive additional content services can purchase a subscription to Watson Professional, for $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year. A lifetime subscription (yes, lifetime) is also available at $199.95, in addition to a $39.95 per year maintenance fee.

Watson works with Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003 applications, IE 6.0+, Firefox 1.04+, and desktop search tool from Google, X1 and MSN. Infact, Intellext has a deal with Microsoft to offer Watson 2.0 as an add-in for the Windows Desktop Search features provided with the MSN Toolbar.

Watson currently works only on Windows 2000, Window XP and Windows 2003. There is no port for Macintosh yet. Watson, come here. I need you.

Download Watson Professional or Watson Standard