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Install Google Adsense Preview Tool in Firefox, IE

How to install and use the Official Google Adsense Preview Tool in Mozilla Firefox Browser

The Google Adsense Preview Tool is one of the most useful IE Add-on for Google Adsense Publishers. The Google AdSense preview tool can be accessed from IE's right-click menu allowing you to preview the Google Ads that may show on any web page.

Google Adsense Preview Tools in FirefoxSince Adsense uses GeoTargeting (based on the reader's IP address), Google ads are served to a user visiting from UK may be different than those that appear for a user from Japan. The Google Adsense Preview Tool gives you the ability to set a geo-targeted location for which to display ads. This enables Adsense publishes to find which Google Adsense ads will appear on their websites for visitors from different areas of the globe.

Adsense Publishers using Firefox can follow this simple step-by-step guide to install the Google Adsense Preview Tool in Firefox. (Though Google is heavily promoting Firefox with Google Toolbar for Adsense Publishers, Google has no official support for the Google Adsense Preview tool in Firefox)

Step 1. Install the Adsense Preview Tool in Internet Explorer by importing AdSense Preview Tool .reg file in your Windows Registry. Restart Internet Explorer by closing all open IE windows.

Step 2. Download and Install Firefox if you don't have the latest version of Firefox on your PC.

Step 3. Install the Mozilla Firefox IE Tab extension. This tool embeds Internet Explorer browser in a Firefox tab. It is equivalent to viewing a webpage in IE without opening the IE application. Restart Firefox.

Step 4. To launch the preview tool, simply right-click on any web page in Firefox. From the menu that appears, select "View This page in IE Tab". The Firefox Tab is converted to a Internet Explorer Tab.

Step 5. Right-click again on the IE Tab and select the Google AdSense Preview Tool menu. The preview tool will open in a new window, and will display a sample set of ads for that page.

Adsense Publishers can also explore the possible alternative Advertisement Units color combinations with the Adsense Preview Tool. Adwords Advertisers will not be charged for clicks on these ads, nor will impressions be counted. Remember that if your web page is not yet indexed by Google, you will see default ads of non-profit organizations (PSA).

Google Adsense Preview Tools displays Ads only in Wide Skyscraper (160x600) and Banner (468x60) formats. You can use Digital Inspiration Adsense preview tool below to anticipate what other Google Adformats like Adlinks or Leaderboard will look like on your website. Enter the website URL, choose the Adsense format and click the Submit button.

Leaderboard (728x90) Banner (468x60)
Skyscraper (120x600) Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Vertical Banner (120x240) Medium Rectangle (300x250)
Square (250x250) Large Rectangle (336x280)
Button (125x125) Small Rectangle (180x150)
120x90 (4 links) 120x90 (5 links)
160x90 (4 links) 160x90 (5 links)
180x90 (4 links) 180x90 (5 links)
200x90 (4 links) 200x90 (5 links)
468x15 (4 links) 468x15 (5 links)
728x15 (4 links) 728x15 (5 links)

Experiment with the AdSense Web Tool, follows these simple Adsense tips and make more money from Adsense.