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Google, Yahoo replicate Bill Gates' Revenue sharing idea

Yahoo, Google Like Bill Gates IdeaWhat if you you were searching for an IPod and the search engine decides to ship you an IPod for free. What if every time you searched the Internet, money went to your favorite charity? This is happening for real. People are winning IPods and DVD players just for searching on the internet. Read this to learn how you can win prizes by just doing a normal web search.

Search engines make most of their money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search. Earlier this month, Bill Gates proposed that Internet Search Companies should share Advertisement revenues with Site visitors. In a virtual swipe at Google, Bill Gates said Microsoft’s search products may eventually give users software programs or even cash after they click on an advertisement.

Seems like both Google and Yahoo loved Bill's idea. If you live in the United States, you can use actually Google Search technology and also win a prize.

This is how it works. Google has partnered with Blingo, a search engine that rewards users when they make a search. Just Go to and type in what you're searching for. Google results are returned. Repeat as often as you like. Eventually, you may win something. (Only your first 10 searches in a given day qualify for a prize.)

Each search on Blingo is also a chance to win a prize. Blingo randomly awards about 50 prizes per day, including movie tickets and PlayStation Portable video game devices, to users of its search engine.

Blingo displays contextual Google text ads, which is how Blingo makes money. Users can accept cash in lieu of the prizes. is helping Google attract searchers by giving away prizes at random moments during the day to consumers who use the site to search through Google's database.

Similarly Yahoo has partnered with GoodSearch to raise money for charity. Every time you search on Goodsearch, a percentage of the revenue generated from advertisers is shared with the charity, school or nonprofit organization on your behalf. If your favorite charity isn't there, you can submit its information online and it will be added after verification.

Bill, thank you for that wonderful suggestion.
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