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Google Transit Trip Planner with Public Transport

Google announced Google Transit, a new service that provides the Public Transportation Routes, Schedule and other related information.

Google could encourage more and more people to use the public transportation system by comparing the cost of your trip using Public Transportation with the cost of driving the same route.

Google Transit also provides directions using public transportation rather than driving directions. Google Transit is currently available for the Portland, Oregon metro area, but Google plans to expand to cities throughout the United States and around the world.

The Google trip planner asks people to enter their preferred itinerary, such as location of departure and arrival, as well as dates and time of travel. The site then gleans all available information on public-transportation schedules to produce a trip planner.

The Google Transit trip planner provides an estimated walking time to catch the nearest form of transportation on the desired route, which transit line to catch, as well as estimated traveling time. The trip planner also provides the estimated cost for using public transportation. Google Transit estimates the cost of driving based on the average mileage for the shortest route between your start and end addresses and the cost per mile (40.5 cents) that the IRS allows businesses to deduct. This is only an estimate and doesn't include things like tolls, parking fees, or variations in gas mileage for different types of cars.

Google later plans to integrate Google Transit with Google Local.

Google Transit