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Get a 250 MB Hotmail account in Two Steps

MSN India is upgrading the storage capacity of Hotmail users in India from 25 MB to 250 MB (megabytes) with 10 MB size limit for attachments. But Hotmail users will not get the promised 250 MB storage automatically.

Existing as well as new Hotmail users will get 25 MB immediately and only after four successive logins and 30 days, they will get the 250 MB. In the age of GMail which offers unlimited storage, Microsoft is playing a big risk by imposing conditions for a mere 250 MB of storage ? I am sure they are seeing a drop in new user sign-ups.

Hotmail members will receive an email stating that the free storage capacity of their Hotmail accounts has been increased. If you can't wait for 30 days, try this Hotmail hack to get 250 MB storage - Cheat your way to a 25MB Hotmail account

Accoding to Hotmail support, if you have a free Hotmail account and have less than 250 MB of storage space, it may be because of one of the following:

* Your account has not been open for more than 30 days.
* You have not signed into your account a total of four or more times.

Users from only the following countries are eligible for the 250 MB Inbox storage: Australia , Austria , Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom , United States , Taiwan , Switzerland , Sweden , Spain , Singapore , Netherlands , Mexico , Korea , Japan , Italy , India , Hong Kong , Germany , France , Finland , Denmark and China

The MSN Hotmail Plus yearly subscription of $19.95 includes 2 Gigabytes of total MSN Hotmail account space, the ability to send larger attachments, no graphical ads, access to the MSN Hotmail mailbox via Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express, exemption from the account expiration policy and 30 MB of MSN Groups storage.