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Embed Breaking News Videos in Website or Weblog - Retain Visitors

If you are blogging about a breaking news event, there is a high probability that your article links to a story on CNN, AP or Reuters. Your site visitors may read a few lines on your website and then quickly leave for the original source to read the full story.

So how do you prevent this blog exodus ? Simply broadcast the news video from your website itself. Your visitors will watch the entire news video on your website without leaving.

Embedding Videos is now simple. To broadcast breaking news stories live from your website or blog, you will need to sign up for the free Reuters Affiliate Network pilot program. If your website or blog gets approved, Reuters will send few lines of javascript for you to insert them in your Blog template where you want the video player to appear.

The Associated Press is also teaming up with MSN to develop the AP Online Video Network. They will also be launching a similar program, providing AP members with news videos for their Web sites through an ad-supported model.

Reuters produces over 18 hours of news video every day. The Reuters news video player, which is based on Brightcove technology, has up to 20 of the latest breaking stories from around the world updated throughout the day. The Reuters Video player is Windows and Macintosh compatible. Visitors can watch full news stories right in the context of your page; there are no pop-ups or software installs.

Reuters is targeting individual Web site owners, newspapers, and online magazines, allowing them to test the pilot program before their full commercial launch, expected in the first part of 2006. During this pilot period, Reuters player is free of charge to any site and may contain advertising. Videos on Reuters' Web site are preceded by 15-second ads.

Register here to participate in the Reuters Video Affiliate Network program.[via]