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Download Google Phishing Warning Extension Outside US

Google Safe Browsing is a Firefox plug-in developed by Google that alerts users about phishing websites. Google makes use of a blacklist containing pages that have been identified as suspicious and/or misleading based on automated detection or user reports. Google also examines pages' content and structure in order to catch potentially misleading pages.

Google Safe Browsing for Firefox is only available for download for users located in the US. Visitors from other countries are blocked from downloading the Google Safe Browing firefox extension (google-safebrowsing.xpi) and instead, they are redirected to a page saying Download Not Available.

Here's a short guide to download and install the Google Phishing Extension for Firefox users outsite the US.

1. Open this page in IE and choose Save.

2. Start Firefox and drag the google-safebrowsing.xpi onto the Firefox interface.

3. Restart Firefox.

Download link for US Visitors - Google Safe Browsing for Firefox

GMail, Google's free email service, already has strong anti-phishing capabilities. Email messages suspected of being spoofed messages are labelled Spam and outbound links to fraudlent websites appearing in Phishing email messages are automatically disabled by GMail.

When you enable Enhanced Protection Feature, the URL of the site that you're visiting will be sent to Google for evaluation. In addition, a very condensed version of the page's content is sent to compare similarities between authentic and forged pages.