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Delay Delivery of an Email Message

GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo user continue to miss one of the most amazing feature in Microsoft Outlook - Delay delivery of a message - If you use Microsoft Exchange Server, you can delay delivery of an individual message. The email message is held in the Outbox for a specified time after clicking Send. To enable sending emails at a specified time, Outlook users can select the Do not deliver before check box, and then click the delivery date and time they want.

But thanks to some new websites, you can write a web based email from any address and schedule the time of delivery. Two Websites offering this service are and You can send yourself any kind of note, or as a future reminder of your dreams and aspirations. It is largely a motivational exercise.

A large number of the messages sent do one of two basic things: tell the future person what the past person was doing at the time, and ask the future person if he or she had met the aspirations of the past person.

And there are also some touching heartbreaking service - you receive an email from a loved one who passed away a week before. There are several sites now promoting this service, such as and You can write an email that will be sent out to family, or to enemies, after your death. These services about taking the time now to plan ahead for the unexpected - for when you die. attracts users from around the world, a good portion of who are in high school and college. Users send messages for any number of reasons, from personal encouragement to round-up reminders of current events. They are technology's answer to time capsules, trading on people's sense of curiosity, accountability and nostalgia. | | | | via | via