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Create a CD Jewel Case with Paper

Create a CD BoxPaperCDcase is a useful website containing templates and instructions for printing out and making your own folded paper CD cases. Use the PDF printout to stick into a jewel case or just follow the simple folding directions that make you feel like an origami master.

Create a American CD CaseThey have a simple form into which you enter Artist, Album, and a track listing (up to 16 on the Standard form, up to 28 on the Advanced form). The site then creates a PDF file which you can download, view, print, and fold into a paper CD case.

There's an advanced case that allows you to include graphics and more tracks. Upload your mix CD labels and add it to the database. It's fun to compare your mix CDs with others.

You can also snail mail CDs in the paper CD cases. Your Apple iTunes playlist can be imported into papercdcase for creating a CD case of your CD.

Visit Paper CD Case website. [via]