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Convert Text To Images: Prevent Adsense PSAs

Google Adsense laid down some strict policies regarding content of webpages that serve Adsense ads. Google filters automatically do not serve ads on webpage that contain Adsense Stop Words. Instead they serve the non-paying PSAs (Public Service Ads). Normal ads are not display until you remove the Adsense Stop Words and Googlebot revisits your webpage.

Randy has compiled a list of possible Adsense Stop Words here. If I put any of these Adsense Stop words in my story, my smart friend Google will immediately start to display the Huricane Catrina Releif HCR PSAs that have a zero CPM. [I have spelt HCR intentionally incorrect as these too can trigger PSAs]

So how do I show Google Ads on this page that contains Adsense Stop Words ? Simple, I will convert the stop-word text into a picture so Google Adsense Robot will never read it.

Ofcourse it is not the best solution but still works. This trick can be extended to prevent automated web robots from copying material from your blogs and websites. Just convert your blog post into a readable image and post that picture instead of the blog post.

You can also apply this text-to-picture technique to protect your email address from web crawling spiders and various other web-bots. By converting text into a graphic, you render it virtually unreadable to spiders or web-bots.

How do I convert text into a picture ? Use, a free online service that converts text into a clear readable image. Both the graphics in this post were rendered using the HideText service.