Anonymous Email that Disappears forever

Sending an anonymous e-mail is quite easy. lets you send e-mail anonymously and free through a Web-based interface. Anonymizer charges $5 monthly for a subscription that supports anonymous e-mail and Web browsing. Both it and QuickSilver also let you post messages anonymously to Usenet groups. Other anonymous e-mail software programs include Private Idaho and Potato, which make tracing an e-mail nearly impossible.

But is an anonymous email service with a difference. The email message disappears forever once the recipient has read the message.

When you send an email through this site, it create a one-time secure web page for the message recipient. You can either choose to delete the email message immediately after viewing or after 'n' number of views or even set it to expire after a few days.

The recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to a one-time secure web page which they will be able to view once and only once. Once the url has been accessed the message is deleted. You may enter your email address or just simply your name if you wish. If you do not enter an email address or name your identity will be anonymous to the message recipient.

Send an disappearing email Will Self-destruct