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Yahoo, MSN may offer Web Analytics like Google

Web Stats Analysis companies like WebSideStory, Omniture, WebTends and Coremetrics Inc. charge customers thousands of dollars for their analysis tools that tell Web marketers how well visitors like their site design, products, promotions and advertisements.

But the future is not so bright for these Web site traffic analytics companies with the entry of Google. They may soon find themselves under pressure to slash their fees if they can't demonstrate that they offer premium tracking services that are far superior to what Google offers.

According to John Pallatto, the new Google Analytics service is as much a threat to these website tracking services as Microsoft's decision to offer its Internet Explorer Browser for free to overwhelm the user base of Netscape Navigator. John's opinion is that the Google announcement could spell the end of Web analytics as a money-making business. Yahoo, MSN and AOL may also join the race by offering free Web site analytics service following the entry of Google.