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Watching Blog trends with BoingBoing stats

Boing BoingBoing Boing (, directory of wonderful things, is among the most popular weblog on the internet. The website recieves millions of hits every month.

The Boing Boing monthly web-traffic reports are published monthly on their website. Here are some really interesting weblog traffic trends from the latest BoingBoing stats.

1. Majority of users just glance at the pages and leave the website - 77% of the visits last for less than 30 seconds

2. Firefox beats IE - BoingBoing gets 39% traffic from Firefox users beating IE with 35.3% share. Mac Safari is next.

3. Microsoft rules on the desktop - 72% BB users have MS Windows XP, 17% use Mac while 4% are on Linux.

4. When it comes to sending traffic, Google absolutely rules (61%). Yahoo! is a distant second. Infact, Google Image search sends more traffic to Boing Boing than MSN and AOL combined.

5. Slashdot, Bloglines, Digg and StumbleUpon are other places from where people visit BoingBoing.

6. 86% of the users visit BB by directly typing the address URL or clicking on Browser Bookmarks.

7. The traffic is minimum between 2AM and 7AM.

8. Side effect of syndicating full content in RSS feeds - Webpages on BoingBoing website that contain site feed (XML) are much more popular than the BoingBoing homepage. Interestingly, the most popular links on BoingBoing are pages that are listed on the top of the website near the search button.