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Submit your Blog to search engine is now crawling and indexing 15,000 of the top weblogs. search results will now include blog results, and blog posts should show up on and search index within 1-3 minutes of being crawled.

According to Rich Skrenta, CEO of, started by crawling about a million blogs, and then began automatically filtering and ranking these while considering a variety of factors, such as blog posting frequency, writing style, type of reference, popularity, and so forth.
What we're seeing is that 85-90% of the daily posts hitting ping services such as are spam (take a look for yourself). Of well-ranked non-spam blogs that we've discovered, we've found about half haven't been updated in the past 60 days. Our filters sift through what's left, which even after discarding 95%, is still a great deal of good material.
Incase your blog is not included in Topix, click here add your blog to Topix will continually add more sources and their goal is to push toward automated coverage of I million news sources.