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PingGoat Founder calls for help

When you update your blog, don't forget to ping it! Many blog hosts (but not all) offer automatic pinging as a feature of their service. If it's not provided as part of the package, however, you'll have to report your updates manually.

PingoatPingoat blog pinging service is in deep trouble. Earlier, The DDOS attack corrupted the Pingoat database and now, Randy thinks the Sploggers are pounding his server into submission.

Kailash Nadh - Did you trying integrating Adsense or Chitika ads in your website.

The most popular ping service, Ping-o-Matic, is also dying a slow death. Blogger automatically pings when a new post is published but that's too limited. Pingoat pings 64 sites including 27 non english sites. And it even supports bookmarking.

The other alternatives are Feedburner Pingshot or Feedshot (commercial service).

Update: Pingoat has shifted to a new server and looks like it's out of trouble, atleast for now.