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The moment I turned On Blogger Comment Moderation ...

Blogger's latest comment moderation feature will let you view all comments before they appear on your blog, giving you a chance to approve or reject them as desired. Like most other Blogspot users, I too was very excited the moment I read about comment moderation in Blogger.

But my excitement was very short-lived. Look at the screenshot of my GMail inbox below:

Blog Spam targets Digital Inspiration

The moment I opened my GMail Inbox after turning on comment moderation, I could see hundreds of auto-generated spam comments sitting in my Inbox waiting for my approval. Actually, I had switched off Word Verification thinking that I would reject manually any comments posted by spammers. But I could never imagine in my wildest dream that someone would target each and very post of my blog.

Result: My blog is clean but at the cost of my inbox. I have turned on "Word Verification" again.