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Macromedia Flash Media Server 2 for Web Video

Flash Media Server 2 is the latest version of Macromedia Flash Communication Server. Flash Media Server 2 is the foundation for delivering both recorded and live Flash video in large-scale deployments such as video on demand, live web broadcasts, MP3 streaming, video blogging, and video/audio chat applications. Playback of these media applications occurs via Flash Player 6 or higher.

The Macromedia Flash Media Server operates as a stand-alone server software and can run without Macromedia Flex, ColdFusion or JRun. Macromedia Flash is however required to develop applications for the Flash Media Server.

Flash Media Server 2 complements Macromedia Flash Professional 8 and Macromedia Flash Player 8. Flash Media Server 2 video experiences take advantage of the new high-quality video codec in Flash Player 8, complete with automatic detection of the client's bandwidth connection and capability to adjust the stream accordingly.

Flash Media Server 2 includes a suite of secure streaming tools to keep your content protected. URLs are hidden in virtual directories and filenames are obscured in the SWF format. Audio/video content streamed to Flash Player using Flash Media Server is not cached locally.

Customers with current Flash Communication Server maintenance contracts are entitled to free upgrades to Flash Media Server 2. The Developer Edition has no expiration time period and contains all of the features and functionality found in a full version of the product. However, it has a capacity ceiling of no more than 10 simultaneous users and prohibits use for in production via the end-user license agreement. Available for Linux and Windows.

Link: Download Flash Media Server 2

Official Website: Macromedia Flash Media Server 2