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Inside Windows Desktop Search Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Desktop Search EnterpriseToday, Microsoft announed a business-class version of MSN desktop search meant for use in the corporate environment. In future, Microsoft plans to integrate Windows Desktop Search Enterprise with Windows Live services to search across new data sources on the internet.

Microsoft Desktop Search software can now be downloaded without the MSN search toolbar. Here are some other features of the new WDS enterprise release:

1. The core of latest Windows Desktop Search Enterprise version is same as the previously released MSN Search Toolbar with Desktop Search. Just lots of bug fixes and improvements all around. [via]

2. Enterprise desktop search software are all about Security and Privacy. But Microsoft's idea of "Enterprise" is all about deployment and integration. The WDS Enterprise edition comes with a set of tools that facilitate easy deployment of desktop search software across the enterprise environment. There are no other security or privacy features.

3. WDS Enterprise respects Windows Group Policy and can be deployed like other Windows components via SMS.

4. WDS Enterprise can be integrated with Intranet search services like Windows SharePoint portal, or a Google search appliance. It also replaces the familiar Windows XP Search Companion.

5. Windows Desktop Search enabled for enterprises is free of charge with your Microsoft Windows license.

6. By default, the contents of 'My Documents' and default email store will be indexed. Users can go into the Indexing Options menu to specify exactly which folders in Outlook will be indexed, in addition to specific local folders.

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Microsoft has posted two guides for network managers planning deployment of Windows Desktop Search and the MSN Search Toolbar across their organizations.

Windows Desktop Search Administration Guide: This document describes how to use Group Policy templates to customize a user’s search experience, including the type of information that can be searched and how the search is performed.

MSN Search Toolbar Administration Guide: This document provides help with troubleshooting MSN Search Toolbar issues and describes how to use Group Policy templates to customize, deploy, and maintain MSN Search Toolbar in your enterprise environment.