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How to get Scobleized

Robert Scoble HomepageRobert Scoble of Microsoft has a simple tip for people who like to get scobleized
Don't beg for links. I immediately delete them. Never beg a blogger for links. Say, instead, "here's something you might find interesting."
So if you want to get your link published on Scoble's blog, you should send an email to Scoble in the format that he won't delete immediately.

But on a serious note, I think Scoble is right. I am sure all popular bloggers can relate to this issue of spammers asking for reciprocal links. Even Greg has some similar advice for link beggars:
If you see something cool and want me to blog about it, send me a link and tell me what's got your interest and why. I don't care whether it's a link to your site and your comments or if it's pointing to the original info, or whatever.
I agree with Robert's and Greg's suggestion. If you find something interesting or wrote something that others might find interesting, you have to sell it to the other person. Explain him why you think he should blog about it.

Munjal Shah, founder of Riya, doesn't welcome comments from anonymous poster. His user comment policy says:

I will delete/block further postings any comments that:

a) Have a link to a bogus URL / non-existant
b) Use an email address which bounces back or is obviously fake

Google is in advanced talks to acquire Riya.